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15 June 2020 @ 04:02 pm
The rules here at samclaflindaily are fairly easy to follow and I hope each member will do their best to honor & follow them.

1) Every member is free to post in the community and I gladly encourage it. Please use your best judgement when posting. Only post material that is related to Sam Claflin, whether it be about him or any of his various projects.

2) Please tag every post with the appropriate tag(s).

3) Please use a cut when posting articles that are text heavy or graphics post that are icon/banner heavy.

4) Please put large graphics behind cuts. I also ask that if you are posting icons, that there are no more than three teasers in the post. This goes for any graphics posted. Keep in mind the majority of graphics posted must have a good portion of Sam included.

5) Please no hotlinking! It's effed up and unnecessary, so don't be lazy and think it's cool to pull shit like that.

6) No bashing or trolling of any member and of Sam Claflin himself. This should be an automatic. If you don't agree, the exit is on your left.

7) Any questions, comments, or concerns? Feel free to pm me(loretta).